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Accountable is a secure, cloud-based HIPAA compliance management platform.

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Accountable offers secure, online HIPAA compliance management tools that keep your business legal. From Employee training to Business Associate Agreements, HIPAA can get pretty confusing.

This is why we created Accountable, to make HIPAA compliance easy.

Our company wouldn't be able to maintain HIPAA compliance without Accountable.

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Step-by-Step HIPAA Compliance

The Accountable platform will walk you through each part of HIPAA compliance, including the Security Rule and Privacy Rule to make sure your organization is covering everything that is required.

Our platform was built for both covered entities and business associates.

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HIPAA compliance is core to our business, and Accountable made it seamless.

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Kickstart Your Compliance

With the introduction of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, thousands of companies are now left scrambling to find a solution to HIPAA. The complicated requirements and massive penalties do not make it any easier to accomplish this task.

Accountable provides a guided walk through to ensure that you are doing everything you need in order to safely say that you are HIPAA compliant.

Accountable takes the pain out of managing this documentation and updating it regularly.

@IgorH, Austin

Connect your Business Associates

Business Associate Agreements are contracts that must be signed by any organization that discloses, creates, maintains, transmits, or receives protected health information with your organization.

You have complete control over these agreements and can send them electronically for e-signature to all of your partners.

The Administrative components of a good HIPAA compliance program are critical, and Accountable can keep you legal.

@JasonW, San Francisco

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