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If I use Accountable, am I fully HIPAA compliant?

Accountable helps organizations comply with the administrative requirements of HIPAA.  As you complete your annual risk assessment, you will identify physical or technical requirements needed to comply fully with HIPAA (such as locks on filing cabinets).

How long is the training?

Employee HIPAA training through Accountable is a 5 part video series with a 15 question quiz at the end.  This training typically takes employees 30-45 minutes to complete.  Each employee is tracked to ensure they have completed the training. 

What is a privacy officer?

A privacy or security officer is the person who is designated as being responsible for all things HIPAA inside of an organization.  Some companies have multiple locations requiring a privacy officer at each location.

Do you provide HIPAA compliant hosting?

No – although we work with some great partners who provide HIPAA compliant hosting for software companies.  Let us know if you’d like an introduction.

Do you offer HIPAA audits?

We do not currently offer full HIPAA audits, but do work with several partner that can assist you.

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