Packed with features to make your life better.

Designed to help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance in your organization.

Employee Training

Complete your company’s required annual HIPAA training quickly with a set of entertaining training videos and keep track of who has trained.

Risk Assessment

Each year, HIPAA requires the completion of a risk assessment. Accountable provides a seven part analysis that helps you identify potential risks.

Policies & Procedures

With Accountable, your organization receives 19 required policies & procedures that you can adopt for your company.

Business Associate Agreements

Easily execute and maintain BAA’s with electronic-signature so you can say goodbye to your fax machine.

Privacy Officer

Assign a privacy officer for your company, who is responsible for all things HIPAA related.

HIPAA Compliance Badge

Once you achieve HIPAA compliance, you can proudly display our HIPAA Compliant Badge on your website or physical location.

Knowledge Base

A huge resource to help answer any HIPAA related questions that you might have.

Peace of Mind

With Accountable, you can sleep well at night knowing that you’ve completed the steps to become HIPAA compliant.

Employee Tracking

Keep track of which employees have not gone through training and easily send reminder emails to ensure compliance.


As a software company, you can automate the sending of BAA’s by integrating our API into your sign up flow.


The dashboard will give you a good overview of the current compliance status of your organization.  From employee training to BAA’s pending.


Get notifications when partners sign BAA’s through Accountable and feel confident that your organization is HIPAA compliant.

The time is now.

Get HIPAA compliant today using Accountable and feel confident that your organization is not at risk.
  • Browser-based application makes HIPAA easy on any computer.

  • HIPAA fines can reach up to $1,500,000 for each violation.